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Monthly Archives: August 2013

On Reading – or not

For whatever reason, my eyes just vacuum up words, even when I’m not intending to read. Sometimes things get a bit mangled in the process. Just now, on the way to get a soda from the basement fridge, I walked past a partial box of football screws. (Don’t quite recall where I used them.)  Reaching for my razor one day, I noticed a new tube of Antigravity Toothpaste, just laying there on the counter.  Obviously defective, but I made sure to keep a firm grip on my toothbrush, just in case.


The latest case is when I hopped on over to Ed’s blog at to see if his daily post was up. I glimpse the link to Decorative Slug and hit the refresh button.  The next words that come into focus are “Not quite enough voltage for a two-cell battery…”

But, but – can you even make a battery from a slug?


What, me blog?

Why blog? Because writing good comments takes too long. By the time I have the comment the way I want it, the post is old. (Note the bit about the perfectionist above.) It doesn’t help that some folks post three times a day.

You know how you can be discussing something and the responses don’t make any sense, and then you realize you aren’t on the same subject? No? Happens here a lot. I keep telling Linda that she should blog this, and she says I should get a blog.

Who, Me?  Well, I know what’s good for me, so here goes. (Sometimes that’s called knowing what side your butter is breaded on.)